Forget dieting – if you want to lose weight, just stand up: Our writer lost half a stone by staying on her feet more often every day

Result: After a month of standing up more she lost half a stone

And I discovered that going for dinner was still possible thanks to my new love affair with restaurants where you stand up to eat at the counter, from Japanese noodle bars to espresso counters. The only pain is you eat and leave, rather than lingering for a leisurely feast with friends. Standing up can be socially awkward, too, as it does rather unnerve other people. Female friends would say: For heavens sake sit down, Liz, its not comfortable to have you towering over me. But after a month of staying on my feet for three hours a day, Ive lost half a stone. And, yes, I was still eating cheese and drinking wine. Ive bought a new pair of (size 14) trousers for the first time in ten years. My legs and stomach are more toned. I get up from the sofa without making that strange Oof noise. I feel more capable and energised. Though I know I will never be able to stand up all day, every day (Im still working up the courage to ask for a blow-dry standing up; Im 5ft 8in, will they ask an energetic young stylist to climb a stepladder?) Im going to try to stay on my feet as much as possible.

Dieting and healthy eating research- Steve Leske


QUT PHD researcher Stuart Leske is conducting a survey into dieting and healthy eating habits. Interestingly he has found lots of women prepared to be part of it and talk about dieting… but men it seems are reluctant to talk about their eating habits… His on line survey is trying to reveal what influences a persons decision to diet or not to diet. Why some follow calorie chart while others will just increase their veg and fruit intake and not monitor their weight.

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