A gruelling two-hour gym workout every day. An ultra-strict diet: SADIE NICHOLAS explains why she’s an exercise addict at eight months pregnant

Sadie Nicholas

‘I advise pregnant women not to let their pulse rate get above 140 beats per minute – you should still be able to hold a conversation – and to be careful not to overheat or get dehydrated,’ he says. ‘But if you’re inactive while pregnant then the chances are you’re going to gain excess weight, which puts you at higher risk of developing diabetes, requiring a caesarean birth, losing blood after labour and needing an emergency bloodtransfusion.’ There’s also plenty of evidence that exercising and keeping weight gain within 21lb to 28lb is best for the baby, too, as exercise increases blood flow to the foetus, strengthening its heart, as well as minimising complications at birth. There have been occasions when it was tempting to lie in bed and do nothing but gorge on toast oozing with melted butter.

Surprising Diet Myths, From Dr. Nancy Snyderman (VIDEO)

There is no secret — the reality is that you need a reasonable distribution of carbohydrates, fat and protein. Start your day with protein to get things going. At the end of the day, you have to spend more than you take in. Avoid The Negative Effects Of Sleep Deprivation Sleep is the new sex no one is getting enough of it.

Paleo diet: eat like a caveman

Wheat also produces exotoxins as a result of lectins and other proteins contained in grains. 10) How does one compensate for the lack of carbs in this diet? Most people consume far too many carbs. Vegetables and fruits contain all the carbs most humans need. The body works best when we burn our fat. Unfortunately, in the modern world, people consume so many carbs that the body can rarely burn its fat stores. This has resulted in a global epidemic of obesity and diabetes. Adequate hydration and the Paleo Diet is one of the best way to maintain optimal blood pressure. 11) Dairy products are prohibited in Paleo.

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