Octavia Spencer Suing Weight Loss Company She Endorsed For Being Super Shady

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She said no at first, but after losing a few pounds using the product, agreed to do it on a few conditions: She says she passed up a $3 million offer from another weight loss company to take SensasA$1.25 http://www.zimbio.com/member/calebsoaa million one (with an additional $100,000 going to charity) because the company agreed to various stipulations, including that the ad campaign wouldnt focus on significant weight transformation, wouldnt use before and after photographs and wouldnt be placed in tabloid magazines or on gossip websites. She also wanted the campaign to focus more on healthy lifestyle than dramatic weight loss, she didnt want to lose more than 20-25 lbs. She says that Sensa agreed. At first everything was going just fine, with Spencer filming chipper commercials for the product and tweeting about it, albeit with the tag #spon to denote sponsored tweets. This wasnt just for transparencys sake; FTC regulations dictate one must disclose when one is being paid to tweet about something, although many flout the rules blatantly. Still, I think she did a pretty good job of balancing I am being paid to tweet about this product with I actually like this product: Unfortunately, that wasnt enough for the company, and they began pushing her to let them do things she hadnt previously agreed to, like putting her commercials in tabloids and use before and after photos of her. In one of the more offensive examples of this, they tried to publish an article called OCTAVIA SPENCERS THIRTY POUND SLIM DOWN! Oh dear. They also wanted her to stop denoting her tweets were sponsored, which seems like an absurd thing to ask of her, considering it breaks the law.AIn some cases, she went along with their requests as a show of good faith, even though she was uncomfortable with them. In others, she did not. Since then, the company has pulled her ads and decided not to pay her, citing breach of contract on her behalf (specifically: failing to get tweets pre-approved and appending #spon to them). Her lawyers say the company was just looking for an excuse to fire her after her ads failed to sell the product the way they had hoped: Sensa admitted that Spencers social media posts view generally received less likes than the brand saw with their normal posts, says the lawsuit.

‘Extreme Weight Loss’ recap: Chef Rocco DiSpirito helps 364-lb Cassandra succeed

Gwyneth Paltrow and Dr. Oz

Elated, Cassandra heads off with Chris to learn to exercise and eat right. But there’s more to shedding pounds than diet and exercise, and that “something else” is the element for which Chris, author of ” Chris Powell’s Choose More, Lose More for Life” , has become famed. Chris helps Cassandra regain her confidence in herself and pride in her ability to succeed.

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