New Air Force Fitness Standards Mean Big Bellies Aren’t Automatic Fails

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The RTO will conduct a drive from January next year to check vehicles for fitness certificates. “We will give a deadline of one month after the drive to renew or acquire fitness certificates to new and old vehicle owners. If the fitness certificates are not acquired, we will cancel the transport permits for 10 days and will impose a fine Rs 50 for autorickshaws and Rs 100 for other vehicles per day,” said Lakshman Darade, regional transport officer. The fitness test equipment is used to test the compatibility of various parts of the vehicle. The equipment comprises a light sensitivity meter to check the lights, a taplometer to check the efficiency of the breaks and a tintmeter to check the light transfer capacity (transparency) of the windowpanes. Rajendra Madane, deputy regional transport officer, said, ” The testing process includes checking tyres, brakes, safety glass, signaling device and indicators.” Madane said fitness certificate is mandatory under the Maharashtra Vehicle Act and Rules, 1988. “The fitness certificates are issued for two years after the registration of vehicles and need to be renewed after every two years,” he added.

If a male airman’s number exceeds 25, he fails the BMI test. In that event, airmen can take a body fat assessment, or BFA. If they pass either the BMI screen or BFA, they will pass the body composition component of the fitness test.

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